Salesforce Call Center Adapter 2.0.2

This notice is aimed at Salesforce Administrators and describes the changes included in this release.

Making changes to a user's Adapter while they are active on calls can have adverse affects.

Warning: MS Edge versions 25.10586.0.0 and higher are supported. Using an older version of MS Edge and multiple tabs will result in duplicated Call History records being generated.

4 Jul 2018 version 2.0.2

27 Mar 2018 version 2.0.1

18 Jan 2018 version 2.0.0 (beta)

19 Oct 2016 version 1.0.1

18 May 2016 version 1.0.0

25 Jan 2016 version 0.9.2

For further assistance, please raise a support request quoting "Salesforce CTI Adapter upgrade".