Salesforce Call Center Adapter

This notice is aimed at Salesforce Administrators and describes how to upgrade to a new version of the Call Center Adapter.


To upgrade from v1 to v2 requires importing a v2 adapter definition. V2 includes additional xml Tags targeting Lightning. That means that using the "clone" method described below will not work for upgrading across the major versions.

Please go to the service providers Salesforce Adapter/Lightning Adapter download page and follow steps for installing a new adapter.

How to Upgrade

Login to Salesforce as an Admin and select "Settings". Then navigate to "Call Centers" section. With the list of adapters showing, click on the active "Call Center Adapter" to display the adapter information.

On the Call Centers screen select your current adapter. Once selected you will see a "Clone" Button. Select the "Clone" button to make a new copy and modify the fields as follows:

Save the Adapter, then proceed to allocate test users to this adapter.

Once you have tested the new version for use in your organisation and there are no issues, then migrate other users to this adapter. Or to change all users at once, you can update the existing adapters URL to the new URL.

Availability of Older Versions

Older versions will be available for a reasonable time period or until our web access logs show no users are accessing the repository.

Administrators should aim to always use the latest supported version.

While all efforts are made to cover as many scenarios as possible during testing, it is difficult to cover all environmental, regional, systems and user's usage of Salesforce. For this reason, new versions will initially be presented with a "(*)". If no critical tickets occur after a period of use, then the star is removed and the version is termed a supported version.